Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | September 26, 2008

The end of VSAT training course

Well i have come to the end of my training at SeaTel.

It’s been a long week so far, but i’velearnt quite abit of information about the VSAT 97, which is just basically the Internet/broadband on ships, yachts and rigs etc.

Now i have a better insight on the systems, i shall be able to install and commission these system with no problem.

Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | September 19, 2008

Rig installations

Well my boss rang me today, saying that we may have around 10 contract jobs to install and commission “Broadband at Sea”. So basically, so the Rig workers will be able to go on line while in the middle of nowhere.

Now, because we will have to be flown out in a helicopter to the rigs to do the installations, we will have to attend, Offshore training, which is been dumped in a swimming pool and tipped over.

Sounds fun.. Let’s hope we get these jobs!


Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | September 17, 2008

My new 32″ hd tv!

My new 32″ HD LCD tv arrived today, been itching to set it up all day!

After finishing work I got it all set up! It’s awsome! Hooked up my brothers xbox 360 and it works great! Check out the photo..

Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | September 10, 2008

MY Alibella

Our next job is on the MY Alibella!

This yacht was in Cannes, just as the yacht show was about to start.

Here’s a few pictures of the Yacht…

This was just to link up their system back to the Internet as they had power surge all around the yacht and it caused the modem to blow up… so after they had the new one replaced we was able to link it up for them… but nothings that simple.

We got the system up and running, checked the settings in the control unit and started to update the modems firmware version through the laptop.  We was supposed to be getting 3 solid green lights (and 4 when linked up), but we had a green power light and a orange receiving light.. We checked the option file that we had, and it was incorrect. We obtained a new one from the company called Visada.
We left the yacht and headed back to the hotel as it was midnight.

The next morning we arrived and uploaded the option file, and then we called Visada to link us up to the web.. this all went like a breeze, after an hour or so it was all complete, we did a few tests to check that it worked, and all was OK.

Job well done!

Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | September 9, 2008

MY Kismet

Today we are working on the MY Kismet.

Now this is a biggish boat, about 68m (223′), see image below.

My Kismet

My Kismet

 They had a problem with the VSAT (Internet/broadband) system, as it didn’t stay tracked onto the satellite (bird if your American).

We reset the trims and set up new ones, and it tracked and didn’t wonder off like it usually did.

Tested the system on-line and all seemed to work great.

We left the yacht, and they seemed very happy, especially the crew, as they can get back to using face-book etc..

Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | September 8, 2008

France and Italy

This week i’m travelling to France then Italy from Monday till Sunday..

We have a few jobs, one in Cannes, which i working on the MY Alibella, one in San Remo on the MY Kismet, and the MY J.W which is in Viaggio and Genova.

I’ll post more on the jobs as they come.

Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | August 29, 2008

Sailing with the Tor Hafnia to, Gothenburg in Sweden

Today i head down to Immingham and will be jumping onboard a Ship called the Tor Hafnia (see image below).

The ship has decided to have a revamp of there old Satellite TV system, and installing a new one supplied by us.
The Antenna has been attached to the ship, and is waiting installation/commissioning.

More info about the job will be posted during the next 3 days.


Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | August 21, 2008

Reading on the way to Reading

So I been driving for two hours and got quite tired, so stopped at the services for a pipple, and headed back out, my work buddy chris was now driving.

So this book I bought earlier in the year which I havnt looked at!
After wiping the dust of, I started chafer one…. Here goes!!

Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | August 21, 2008

Packed and ready for Reading..

Today I am Traveling down to ‘Reading’.

It’s part of my training course with work, we are visiting a company called ‘Exterity’.

We hope to learn more about IPTV, which is basicly TV through a network, a lot easier to distribute.

I’ll post more about the course when complete.


Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | August 21, 2008

First post from iPhone!

Well my first post with my iPhone. After updating to version: 2.0.1!

Anyway, more posts to come..