Posted by: Luke Overvoorde | September 10, 2008

MY Alibella

Our next job is on the MY Alibella!

This yacht was in Cannes, just as the yacht show was about to start.

Here’s a few pictures of the Yacht…

This was just to link up their system back to the Internet as they had power surge all around the yacht and it caused the modem to blow up… so after they had the new one replaced we was able to link it up for them… but nothings that simple.

We got the system up and running, checked the settings in the control unit and started to update the modems firmware version through the laptop.  We was supposed to be getting 3 solid green lights (and 4 when linked up), but we had a green power light and a orange receiving light.. We checked the option file that we had, and it was incorrect. We obtained a new one from the company called Visada.
We left the yacht and headed back to the hotel as it was midnight.

The next morning we arrived and uploaded the option file, and then we called Visada to link us up to the web.. this all went like a breeze, after an hour or so it was all complete, we did a few tests to check that it worked, and all was OK.

Job well done!


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