About me

Hello and welcome to my Blog.

Just a few things about me…  I’m 19 years old, 20 in October. I am currently doing an apprenticship in Marine Engineering(electrical based) while working at a company called, Best Service (Europe) Ltd.

What we do basicly, is install, repair commision Satellite TV, VSAT(internet) at sea, audio and video distribution systems, automated control pannels and lots more.
At the moment i am enjoying working here and hope to work many more years.

I like using computers and phones, i also like driving around, i have a Fiat Punto 1.2 (and before you say Fix It Again Tomorrow, my car has been perfect!!!) but i’m hoping to get a new car, looking at an Vauxhal Astra 1.6 sxi 3dr, but we shall see.

Anyway have fun, bye!


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